SG Aesthetics offer non-surgical cheek sculpting treatments (dermal filler) for those who either lack pronunciation in their cheeks or those who inevitably have lost volume in their mid-face due to ageing.

From around the age of 25, the amount of collagen produced in our skin starts to decrease by 1% yearly. When we reach our forties, collagen production comes to a majorly disappointing standstill – stopping altogether. The result of this is dry, sagging, dull skin. Coupled with this, comes another great contributor to visible signs of ageing – bone resorption.

The midface (cheek area) is affected most dramatically, which can leave us appearing tired and sunken. Administering dermal filler into the midface is how we successfully mimic a face full of volume and rejuvenation. By carefully sculpting the cheeks (and sometimes the tear troughs too), this treatment can dramatically improve the signs of ageing.

Cheek sculpting, however, is not strictly an anti-ageing treatment by any means. Some people simply lack the pronunciation of their cheeks due to genetics. Today we are seeing an increase in patients as young as 20 visit our clinic for this treatment.

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