Mole Removal

If you require mole removal it would be best to arrange a consultation at our clinic, this will allow us to assess the area and advise the best method of the mole removal.  ALL moles/ pigmented lesions will need to be assessed by your own GP in order for us to consider safe removal and we will need written documentation to proceed.

Your doctor feels that the mole needs to be cut, stitched and sent to histology

Mole/skin tag/ skin lesion removal in the clinic used Dermoplasma. 

A specialised device is used to deliver an ionized gas (the plasma), which charges the air just above the skin. This process generates a tiny lightning bolt that creates a tiny dot that damages existing cells causing them to contract, tighten and remove the skin cells.  The mole will be removed so it is flush with the skin.

A local anaesthetic will be injected to numb the area so the treatment is virtually painless.  The mole or skin lesion will be removed in a matter of seconds leaving a small dark/red patch that will take 7 days to heal completely.

Full pre and post instruction will be given to you prior to your treatment and follow up arranged.