Ageing inevitably takes its toll on us all. By the time we’re into our 40s, structural and dental support in the lower face area begins to wane, and we can experience volume loss in the lips and surrounding soft tissues.

As our lips thin with age, it’s very common that the corners can sag, leaving a lasting appearance of a frown that makes us look unhappy. In addition, because these areas are naturally less plump, to begin with, they begin to wrinkle – especially in vertical lines, known as “smoker’s lines”.

Fillers can be used to combat all of these symptoms, filling out the wrinkles, restoring volume, raising the corners of the mouth, and returning the cupid’s bow shape on the top lip. The results give a fresher, youthful, more beautiful and attractive look in the patient. The procedure is very quick, and will typically last for about six months, after which a repeat treatment will be needed.

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