Does your chin recede, or simply doesn’t protrude as much as other features of your face and neck, it can unbalance your face. Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement is a safe, non-invasive alternative to traditional chin enhancement. The procedure involves injecting dermal filler into precise areas of the chin in order to increase the length, width or projection of the chin.

A non-surgical chin augmentation using cosmetic fillers is the latest and safe technique that requires no anaesthesia, stitches and leaves no scarring.

If you feel that your jawline is asymmetrical, lacks definition, or has begun to sag due to ageing or weight loss, you may want to consider contacting SG Aesthetics. Enhancing the jawline with dermal filler injections can give you a more youthful appearance by filling in loose skin. By smoothing the contours of the jaw, it increases the definition of this area. Jaw enhancement can also decrease the appearance of jowls, or hanging folds of fat and skin drooping beneath the jawline.