Commonly known as dark circles, tear troughs are the dark, deep under-eye hallows that sit beneath the lower eyelid and the upper cheek. As we grow older the appearance of dark circles under the eyes is exaggerated. Bones in the facial area shrink and cheek pads begin to slump. This causes dark circles around the eyes to become increasingly noticeable, giving the impression that you are always tired.

Whether your eyes have dark circles underneath them or they have become very baggy and full of wrinkles, we have a treatment that just fits your needs. Using an injectable substance such as a dermal filler, volume under the eyes can be restored and the dark circles and bags reduced so you look fresh and rejuvenated. No more tired-looking eyes.

Not exclusively a result of ageing, dark under-eye hallows can be a sign or symptom of genetics, lack of sleep, tiredness and dehydrated skin. Dermal fillers resolve this common complaint by administering exact quantities of a cosmetic filler directly into the treatment area. Containing hyaluronic acid, the tear trough injections effectively and instantaneously refresh the area, restoring volume and camouflaging dark shadows. Downtime is minimal and the result is almost instant.