Hooded eyes (medically named blepharoptosis or ‘ptosis’ for short) is a condition where the skin on the upper eyelid is low lying. This is where the name ‘hooded’ comes from as the skin sags and droops down towards the eye. In some severe cases, the condition can cause reduced vision as well as being an uncomfortable aesthetic problem for many patients. Hooded eyes/hooded lids are often an inherited feature and can actually be congenital which means present right from birth. Some people don’t experience this issue until much later on at which point it is known as an acquired condition. Unfortunately, the condition does worsen over time, but the speed at which it worsens varies.

Ageing, unfortunately, brings with it many unwelcome changes to our body and appearance. For many people, they complain that parts of their body start to appear tired, older looking and saggy. While some parts of our bodies can be disguised well; our eyes remain the focal point of our faces. Treatments like Botox can be used to treat wrinkles around the eyes, but Botox will not alter the appearance of ptosis or hooded eyes. As the old saying goes “eyes are the mirror to the soul”, and many patients find that they simply cannot accept that their eyes don’t look as open and young as other people their age. They feel the condition makes them look older and no matter how much makeup or other treatments are used, the sagging skin stops them looking and feeling youthful.

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