Cosmetic Insure, Enhance Insurance and Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance have released statements on medical malpractice insurance following the relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

The statements confirm that practitioners’ medical malpractice insurance will be valid following clinic reopening, subject to businesses adhering to certain conditions.

The companies note that before any decision to reopen is made, practitioners should carefully consider all of the applicable guidance issued by the Government, Public Health England (and nuances in the guidance that is relevant to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), the NHS and any additional guidance issued by regulator(s) or professional body, chief professional officers or any other relevant or applicable guidance.

The statements highlight that practitioners should remain as a registered professional healthcare provider, adhere to the requirements of any applicable guidance, carry out an informed and documented risk assessment in relation to COVID-19, and undertake a full patient selection and consent process for each treatment undertaken, which should include questions relating to COVID-19 vulnerable and self-isolating individuals. Enhance Insurance also noted that a practitioner’s premiums must be paid in full for the current insurance period, or payments must be up to date if paying by premium instalments.

In a joint statement signed by the CEO of Hamilton Fraser, Eddie Hooker, and the managing director of Cosmetic Insure, Janine Revill, it said, “If, after considering this joint statement, any applicable guidance (including the guidance mentioned above) you take the decision that you are permitted to reopen and that it is safe and appropriate for you to do so then (provided that your decision was correct and there have been no other material changes which you should tell us about) your insurance should, subject to the usual terms and conditions, consider claims in the usual way.”

Managing director of Enhance Insurance Martin Swann said in a separate statement, “At this time we can confirm that your medical malpractice insurance placed via Enhance will continue to provide cover for allegations and/or claims relating to bodily injury following a treatment/procedure administered: prior to lockdown and the temporary closing of your practice/clinic; during the lockdown period that were administered in accordance with government guidelines; and following the re-opening of your clinic/practice. As always, cover under any insurance policy is strictly dependent on your compliance with the terms, conditions and exclusions of your policy.”

Click here to view the joint Cosmetic Insure and Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance statement, and click here for the Enhance Insurance statement.